Casus fortuitus and force majeure

If you’ve been following my broke-down sorry-ass saga, I have one more broken thing to add to my list. Yesterday, as I was washing dishes, the sink pipe burst. Nasty water on my feet. Yuck! Underneath cabinet warped and ruined. Lovely! Luckily the landlords cover that shit. But still. Damn. I always feel like casus fortuitus and force majeure are somehow my fault. Like the cosmos is punishing me for something. The one good thing…I only had 2 dishes left to wash. Guess the garden hose will have to do for the moment. Caveman style, baby!

I must be cursed. LOL


4 thoughts on “Casus fortuitus and force majeure

    1. Landlord fixed one thing, but found another. Still without water in my kitchen. Then he looked at the “new” oven they bought me and it wasn’t the one they bought me. So he was pissed about that too. Maybe I’ll finally get an oven with actual numbers on the knobs LOL For a year and a half I’ve been cooking on faith 😉

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