I RAWR for you Cecil the Lion! #JusticeForCecil

Credit: Bryan Orford/YouTube
Credit: Bryan Orford/YouTube

I don’t often get so mad that I can literally see red. But this is one case that has me seething inside with rage.

Here I’ve included an AP article and several statements regarding this heinous act of violence against a majestic creature..

And here’s Cecil in all his glory. Nothing but a big old pussycat.

Also, I have learned that Cecil’s cubs will most likely be killed by the new dominant male in the pride. Very sad indeed, but a normal part of nature.

And here’s a previous interview from 2012 with one of the Oxford researchers responsible for tracking the lions in the area.

I understand hunting for food. It’s sport and trophy hunting I cannot stand.

Minnesota dentist accused in Cecil the lion’s death.


4 thoughts on “I RAWR for you Cecil the Lion! #JusticeForCecil

    1. I agree! I’m constantly reporting on conservation issues and then this happens. At least conservation is now immediately in the public eye and perhaps people will start paying more attention now.


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