Drone Day! Spying, blood and killer whales

In an exhibit of playful behavior, two killer whales nuzzle head-to-head. These whales were photographed by an unmanned aerial vehicle from 100 feet. Photo credit: NOAA, Vancouver Aquarium.
Credit: NOAA, Vancouver Aquarium.

Today is “Drone Day” in the news apparently. I would love one as a toy, but I can’t even handle the remote control toy helicopters. Crashed every single one within a day of purchase LOL.

So, first thing this morning I see news about a man from Hillview, KY who shot down a drone that was allegedly spying on his teenaged daughter while she was sunbathing. He got in trouble, but should he have? I don’t think so. But that’s just me.

Then, right after that, I see one about drone technology that could safely transport blood samples from remote areas to labs far away. Definitely a win/win for developing countries!

And lastly…and my favorite of all…is an article about how drones have been used to study endangered killer whales. The images are awesome and there’s some very real science gained. Most importantly, the drones are quiet and didn’t bother the whales at all.



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