Yes, I’ve been working too much

And yes, I’ve been neglecting my creative side. There’s been way too much stress and I’m STILL out of canvas and STILL low on black and white paint (my go to guys for most of my work believe it or not). By the time I’m done working, I’m usually so flat out brain tired that there’s no room left for the creative shit.

sun fun 009

I long to get my hands into a few pots of paint and go nuts. Make a mess and be crazy. You know, crazy like the freak you and I both know me to be.

Until then, I would like to send a hearty THANKS to everyone who keeps standing by me on here. I know I’ve been posting WAY too much work and practically nothing of the shit that drew you to me in the first place. For that I thank you!

Bear with me while I continue trying to rejig my life into something that resembles balance. I’ll get there.

Love, as always, Lola


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