Happy Thoughts – August 10, 2015

Today is Monday. Mondays are usually when we make promises to ourselves. Promises like “I’ll start my diet on Monday,” or “I’ll quit smoking on Monday.”

Well, I have a promise. Not only to myself, but to you dear readers. I’m going to try REALLY hard to find a positive thing that’s happened to me every day. Not as an inspirational thing, but as a way of letting you all know I’m not entirely sitting in the deep bowels of a hellish landscape.

There are some good things that happen almost every day, but for some reason I sometimes seem to always focus on the negative side of things and retreat into the usual “here’s a picture of my food,” or “here’s an article I just did.” To that end, I will be posting mini moments of victory or happiness.

Hopefully I can do this every day, but I’m not making any promises. Let’s just say I will do my best. They won’t always be wrapped in a pretty little photographic package either. Some days I just can’t stand how my iPhone takes pictures. And sometimes it’s hard to capture that perfect moment due to its fleeting nature.

So, let’s just get to the very first “Happy Thoughts” post shall we?

happy thoughts 081015Although it’s only 11am in the morning and I have a slight toothache, my fleeting moment of bliss came when my tired man drug his ass in the door carrying a familiar brown paper bag. I’m not normally into junk food. As a matter of fact I only eat it about twice a year. But today, for some reason, he must have known I needed a taste of it. I opened the bag and found a lone Monster Taco from Jack in the Box and three packets of hot sauce. I certainly can’t eat the outside of the shell with this toothache, but the meat pudding in the middle? Now that’s a slice of heaven in an otherwise healthy eater’s routine.

So there you have it. A mundane moment of true happiness that my mouth is still enjoying. Tonight I will go back to my healthy food. I do have hot pot leftovers that are calling my name.


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