Lost Opportunities

There goes my happy thoughts for today.

If you all have been following closely, you will know I had a potential job opportunity a short while ago with a local roofing company down the back road. We were just waiting for their busy season to begin. That opportunity has now been lost. I don’t want to throw stones, but someone in my family is at fault, and it’s not the first time this person has screwed me over with other people.

How in the hell can I get a leg up in this town without being followed by the stigma of what my family members do?! I love them so fucking much. I do. I really REALLY do. But not a single one of them, not even my sister, comes to visit anymore. No one calls. No one emails. No one. And someone’s always fucking up and pissing people off.

Perhaps it may be time to pick up my roots and move on. Run away with The Man to a new town and start fresh. If only I had the money. Which I won’t now because the one job opportunity I had is now gone.


2 thoughts on “Lost Opportunities

  1. Sorry the job opportunity fell through. That sucks, but I’m sure something else will come along… even though it feels crappy, maybe it’s opening up room for something even better.

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