Want to help study light pollution?

081315-light pollution

Light pollution has been an issue for stargazers for years, and it’s becoming an even bigger problem with each passing year. In fact, the introduction of light into the nighttime environment is one of the most striking changes humans have made to the Earth’s physical environment, and it is associated with several unintended negative consequences.

In an effort to reliably measure the amount of light pollution worldwide, scientists are now tapping into photographs taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) and are asking for YOUR help in doing so. The aim of their project, called ‘Cities at Night,’ is to produce a global color map of the Earth at night from those pictures, which are typically taken by the astronauts with a standard digital camera.

Read on to find out more – Astronaut photographs used to study light pollution.

Image Above Credit: Samantha Cristoforetti, NASA/ESA


3 thoughts on “Want to help study light pollution?

  1. Well, I think that it’s pretty hard to beat Hong Kong when it comes to light pollution. Even the clouds and the sky here are very bright. Sometimes, it’s even difficult to see the moon…

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      1. Yes, and it would be a very hard challenge to find a dark area here.

        Anyway, I just checked, it seems that I was right that Hong Kong has the worst light pollution in the world.

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