UFOs bother bears too

081415-bears and ufos 2

UFOs can be scary enough for humans, but how would a bear react?

For us, UFOs conjure up images of aliens and flying saucers. However, for bears, UFOs come in the form of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that have become an important tool for wildlife researchers. These UAVs provide experts with the unique opportunity to observe animals in their natural settings from long distances and over difficult terrain.

While the bears seemed to be tolerating these encounters well, a new study reveals that their calm demeanor is masking something deeper. What they found was that, in the presence of a UAV, the bears’ heart rates would soar, a sure sign of acute stress.

Read on to find out more – UFOs bother bears too.

Image Above: Researcher Mark Ditmer downloads the current GPS coordinates of a collared bear to input into a UAV mission. Credit: Jessie Tanner (@jessiectanner)


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