Halloween masks show that jackdaws never forget a face

081715-jackdaw 2

The western jackdaw (Corvus monedula), also known as the Eurasian jackdaw, European jackdaw, or simply jackdaw, is a member of the crow family that can be found across Europe, western Asia and North Africa.

Generally wary of people in the forest or countryside, western jackdaws are much tamer in urban areas. Like magpies, they are known to pick up shiny objects such as jewelry, which they hoard in their nests.

Because jackdaws are often on the menu for large birds of prey, being able to spot and assess threats is of life-or-death importance. In a new study from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Psychology, researchers show that wild jackdaws are able to recognize individual human faces, and may be able to tell whether or not predators (or people) are looking directly at them.

Read on to find out more – Clever jackdaws can remember your face, and if you mean harm.

Image Above Credit Elsa Loissel


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