Mountain lion struck and killed on California freeway

081815-mountain lion death 1This had to be one of the hardest and saddest things I’ve reported on in a long time. As you all know, wildlife conservation is a huge deal to me. And, while I wouldn’t ever want to meet a lion, elephant or cougar up close and personal, I’m a serious advocate for their right to exist on this planet.

P-32, a juvenile male mountain lion from California was recently struck and killed by a vehicle on I-5 in the early hours of the morning. Despite having crossed numerous highways and roads in his quest for his own piece of land, his luck sadly ran out that fateful morning.

“This case illustrates the challenges that mountain lions in this region face, particularly males,” said Dr. Seth Riley, a wildlife ecologist with Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. “P-32 conquered all kinds of freeways and highways to reach the Los Padres, but it was probably another dominant male that made him leave the area and attempt one last crossing, which obviously was not successful.”

Read on to find out more – Mountain lion struck and killed on California freeway.

Image above credit National Park Service


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