Wait a fucking minute! I live in Central Texas, not the fucking desert! We have seen absolutely no rain in bajeebues knows when, so I guess this was inevitable.

The Man, as he is prone to do on his days off, was just sitting there in his spot, in front of the window, enjoying his John Wayne marathon on the television when all of a sudden he jumps up screaming “TUMBLEWEED! TUMBLEWEED!” So what does he do? He immediately bolts for the door in hot pursuit. Like a cat after a laser light. “Ooooh! Shiny!”

So, like said cat, a few minutes later he walks in with his catch and drops it on my desk. Like I haven’t had that happen before. Only it’s usually dead (or half-dead) fleshy and/or furry things from my actual REAL cats.

Needless to say, here’s the offensive tumbleweed. Photographic evidence of climate change and ecosystem shift. (Oh, for the love of Pete! Don’t start screaming at me for using the words “climate change.”)

This tumbleweed is obviously in its infancy, but it could be a harbinger of the doom to come. At least it’s not slimy, bloody zombies coming to eat my brains. That would be too damned messy.

PLEASE NOTE: No tumbleweeds were harmed in the filming of this picture. All tumbleweeds were released back into the wild and last seen rounding the corner in perfect health.


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