There’s evil in the machine

My computer is possessed. There. I said it.

I have an evil demon lurking beneath the very thing I put my fingers on a million times a day. Eeeww! Continue reading


The recipe for making better chocolate chip cookies with science

093015-cookie science

This was written by a good friend and colleague of mine. Doing science for the greater good of mankind.

On the whole, most people love, love, love chocolate chip cookies. There is just something about the way the cookies taste combined with the texture (chewy for some but crunchy for others and even raw for many) that chocolate lovers just adore. For most people, chocolate chip cookies are THE cookie they prefer. And who can deny grandma’s homemade chocolate chip cookies? Or grandpa’s, mom’s, or dad’s? Heck, who can resist anyone’s homemade cookies? The chocolate chip cookie just brings happiness to many. Combine this love for chocolate chip cookies, National Homemade Cookies Day on October 1, and a new video by the Reactions team on YouTube, and it is the perfect union for learning how to make better chocolate chip cookies by using science. Yes, science can help one of the world’s favorite cookies become even better!

Read on to find out more Just watch out. You may get the munchies. The recipe for making better chocolate chip cookies with science

Beef or beans: Which will help you stay fuller longer?

My only beef with beans is that they make me gassy.

Vegetarians aren’t the only ones looking to go meatless these days. Many others are searching for meat-free options to help manage and maintain their weight. And there’s good news for everyone.

According to a new study, a bean-based meal makes you just as full as a beef-based meal. But why is that? Read on for the full dish – Beef or beans: Which will help you stay fuller longer?

British archaeologist continues quest for Nefertiti’s tomb

092915-Queen Nefertiti

The first examinations carried out on Tutankhamun’s tomb have revealed that the tomb’s northern and western walls both conceal chambers, Egypt’s antiquities minister Mamdouh Eldamaty announced on Monday.

Those examinations were carried out by Eldamaty and British archeologist Nicholas Reeves in Luxor.

Markings and scratches on both walls are similar to those found on the entrance gate of Tutankhamun’s tomb when it was discovered in 1922.

“This indicates that the western and northern walls of Tutankhamun’s tomb could hide two burial chambers,” Eldamaty told Ahram Online.

Top Image: Secret doors may conceal burial chamber of Queen Nefertiti. Credit: Philip Pikart/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Read on to dig a little deeper – British archaeologist continues quest for Nefertiti’s tomb

Mooncakes and regrets

I had the opportunity to try out mooncakes for the first time ever. However, The Man thought they sounded yucky (even though they looked pretty). So, he told his sushi guy “no thanks” and didn’t even tell me until over 24 hours later. They were even in a beautiful box, which I’m sure I could have found an upcycle remedy for.

Oh well. Next year perhaps. I’m sure he won’t turn them down next time. I mean really. Who turns down FREE FOOD?!

Brewing up new diversity for lager beers

Draught pints

Great news for lager lovers! Researchers are opening up new horizons of taste for lager beers, which typically don’t vary much in flavor.

This relative uniformity of flavor among lagers is significantly due to a lack of genetic diversity among yeasts.

Genetic studies have shown that lager yeasts resulted from just two crosses between the parent yeasts, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and S. eubayanus. The problem is that the two yeast species are so different that it makes successful crosses rare.

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