Checking In

I know I haven’t been super duper at blogging lately. Life has been busy and I’ve been in a state of mental preparation. See, my kids (all of them) are due for their annual week-long visit on Saturday. Therefore, I’ve been making very short excursions outside of my home to get myself pumped up and ready to venture forth. Plus I’ve been working and writing like fiend.

Check out STEAM Register and you’ll know why I haven’t been a prolific blogger lately. We’re rounding the corner of profitability, but only slightly. Good things to come I hope!

Here are a few cool shots (at least I think so) that I snapped of The Man yesterday on one of my outings. Yes he’s skinny and tall. Trust me, I shove food in his pie hole all damn day, but he never seems to gain an ounce. Think of us like Jack Spratt and his wife. LOL

through the bells 1 through the bells 2I call these “Through the Bells.” These were taken through a lovely windchime piece that I acquired a few years back. They don’t make much noise, but when they do, it’s like listening to fairy farts.


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