Vacation Chronicles – Sunday, Sept. 6, 2015

Sunday was a damn good day! Fuck off, you damn agoraphobia. I’ll get rid of you yet. Just you watch me.

The kids and I took a morning trip out to the lake to survey the water level and scope out boat ramps. We walked along the shore at one point checking out fossils and invasive species. It was too hot for boating at the time though, so we just ambled about hither and tither.

We came back home and hung out until later in the day. THEN we hooked up our shit and headed out to the lake for a sunset tour of the hidden waterfall area. Probably wasn’t the best time because as we were getting into the water, a ton of people were coming out. It was boating mayhem before and after.

I did my best and even said hello to a few strangers here and there. Although I must say, most were rude and/or too drunk to even notice. At one point a lady almost feel out of the boat she was riding on. Poor fool. But I held my head high and enjoyed my time outside.

Took me all day yesterday to get over the post-outing jitters. I spent the entire day cooking for the clan and watching movies. We were all lazy to tell the truth.

Today we go back out again. I guess you could say I’m doing a bit of immersion therapy on myself. I intend to get over this shit. One day/one trip at a time. Sometimes baby steps won’t work.


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