Syndication Vindication!

Guess what. I’m a syndicated science writer now! You heard me. Syndicated!

Thanks to an awesome service called repubHub (provided by iCopyright), my work for STEAM Register is now being published on numerous platforms and websites. And that, my friends, makes me feel vindicated for all the hard work and starvation.

Who wouldn’t love their work being displayed along with the likes of Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Times?! And those are just a few examples of the “big boy list.”

Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to place those syndicated articles on here (possibly because I’m only using the free WP service for my blog and can’t install plugins). However, I’ll keep trying to find a way. Or I’ll just keep publishing my excerpts on here as usual.

In the meantime, check out my author page on STEAM Register for all the latest articles and blogs I’ve written. You can also follow me on Twitter. I typically post everything I do there as well.

Continue reading for more information about repubHub…

repubHub is a content network that makes it easy for publishers to syndicate original content and for editors and other users to republish great content from leading publishers—under terms that are easy to honor. This network was named by EContent Magazine to its “Trendsetting Products of 2014” list.

repubHub is a service of, a multiple CODiE award winner and an EContent 100 company for the past eight years.

If you would like more information on getting hooked up with repubHub, let me know in a message. I’ll get you hooked up with my rep.

Right now they’re sticking with news only. Not personal blogs. I suppose that could change at some point.


12 thoughts on “Syndication Vindication!

  1. I know, I hate not being able to use plugins. I guess I need to get techy and get a custom site going… But can’t you simply post links into your blog here, so we can just click on one and get directed there? You could have some theme in the subject line that identifies such posts easily and uniquely.

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  2. Congratulations Lola your work is great. It’s always witty, interesting, and like geek chic(?). I love it. I walk away feeling a light toe smarter and cooler learning about Pluto and killer armadillos lol. You deserve to be big time.

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