How NOT to wake up Lola!

The Man and I sleep in different rooms for three reasons:

1) My weird hours
2) I’m a whirligig when I sleep
3) He snores

Works really well for us. His bed is too soft for me, and my bed is, well, full of me flailing wildly about in my sleep.

But last night, as I’m sleeping soundly at 8:30pm, he thought he could sneak in and grab a cigarette from my night stand. Seems plausible. He was probably out of his and he didn’t want to wake me.

Problem is, I am mostly a heavy sleeper, unless there’s a creeper. I can sleep through just about anything unless there’s something or someone sneaking about.

Scared the crap out of me. All I could see was a dark shadow. We laughed about it this morning, but he’s lucky I didn’t whip out my personal protection device – a rather large hunting knife that I keep handy.

I do believe he’ll wake me up first next time.


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