BREAKING NEWS – #NerdAlert – Saltwater is flowing on Mars!

092815-mars water 2

Mars is no longer the dry, arid planet we once thought it to be. Why? Because evidence of liquid water has been found on the Red Planet!

That evidence, from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), is the strongest yet that liquid water flows intermittently on Mars.

Through the use of a spectrometer on MRO, signatures of hydrated minerals or salts have been detected on slopes in the form of mysterious streaks that appear to ebb and flow over time. Those streaks form in late spring, grow during the summer, and then disappear by fall. According to NASA, “They appear in several locations on Mars when temperatures are above minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 23 Celsius), and disappear at colder times.”

Readon on the find out all the juicy, wet details – Saltwater is flowing on Mars!


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