Happy Thoughts – Maddy and Me

maddy and meIt’s been 3 months since she was born, and I forced myself out of the house yesterday so I could finally get to meet her. This is my great-niece Maddy…aka Pork-N-Bean. Hey, don’t look at me. My sister (her grandmother) named her that. She is kind of a butterball though.

And BOY can she chatter! We had a very serious conversation going on for quite some time. I can’t divulge what she said because I promised her I wouldn’t. I can say that we touched on the topic of existential drooling. We couldn’t quite come to an agreement, but we decided to revisit the topic at a later date.

You can’t tell from the pic, but we were both wearing pink camo. Totally by accident of course.

Yes. That’s me. No wig, no makeup. That’s my “who the hell cares” look. It was Sunday. Ya know? Maddy on the other hand. She needs no help whatsoever to look her best. And that little rascal is already a pro at posing and following the gaze of the camera lens. I smell trouble in the future from this one.


6 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts – Maddy and Me

    1. I’ve been screaming for a new great-niece for years. It’s been all great-nephews for several years (yes I have a rather large family). Finally got my girl. And now there’s another on the way. I’m truly blessed. Just have to remember to leave the house so I can see them. LOL

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