Sea turtles. Wearing swimsuits. Pooping for science.

100515-sea turtle swimsuit 1My latest article for STEAM Register is all about using stylish swimsuits to collect sea turtle poop. No folks. You can’t make this shit up. (every pun intended)

Collecting sea turtle poop is a tough job. They’re big, they’re strong, and the open ocean is not the best lab for a task like that. But that’s just what University of Queensland researchers needed to do.

Owen Coffee, a PhD student from UQ’s School of Biological Sciences is researching the diet of endangered sea turtles in the hope of locating their foraging areas to better protect the species. But he soon realized that he would need an ingenious solution. So he dressed them up in custom swimsuits that act as a harness for “a giant nappy.”

But it was a long, hard road figuring it all out. Read on to find out how he did it – Turtles wear swimsuits for science

Image above courtesy Dr. Kathy Townsend and Carmen Da Silva from the University of Queensland


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