Rainbow rice and great friends

Recently I wrote a staff article about the origins of Emperor’s rice. I would have blogged about it as well, but that was a pretty busy day for me. I did share it with my friends on Facebook, however, and that’s what leads me to this post.

See. I have some great friends. And a lot of them are people I’ve never met in person. Regardless, we still share a cosmic vibe somehow. Anyway, a friend on the East Coast that I met through a real-life friend loves to eat organic and healthy. She’s an endometriosis expert to boot. Super smart and super fun to chat with. A lot of the time you’ll find us chatting in a dark corner (aka private messages) about this thing or that. And it’s always something juicy.

Well, the day I posted the article link, she was all over it. “You have to try it! OMG have you tried the jade or the pink or the volcano too?!” Truth be told, my rice consumption of late has been limited to Mahatma packets or boil-in-bag. I know. I’ve not been a good little foodie lately due to budget constraints and a lack of willpower.

rice 001

I told her I would try some out eventually – when I had the money and IF I could find it in this podunk hole-in-the-wall town. Guess what. Someone sent me a package. A very heavy package. I mean HEAVY!

Guess what was inside. You guessed it. A veritable rainbow of rice. All organic and colorful and fair trade and whole grain AND gluten free.

rice 002

Forbidden rice (that’s the Emperor’s rice I wrote about), Bhutan red rice, Jade Pearl rice, Carnaroli rice, Madagascar pink rice, and Volcano rice. WOAH MAN! I am now the Rice Queen!

We made chicken and roast broccoli fajitas last night. Made some of the Volcano rice. I think I’m in love. Like REALLY in love. With the rice…and my friends.

Love, as always, Lola


8 thoughts on “Rainbow rice and great friends

    1. She really is a gem. The volcano rice is what we had last night. It’s got a wonderful “earthy” flavor, and is similar to eating wild rice – a little crunchy and yet still slightly creamy on the inside. I ate a bunch of it straight out of the pot LOL

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      1. I’ve been living on the boil-in-bag for a while now. I think I may never go back to it. 😉 Really interested to see what the pink and jade varieties taste like.


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