Drunk scientists running amuck in Antarctica

The South Pole can be a dark and lonely place. Nevertheless, workers and researchers travel to Antarctica every year during the austral summer research season. Scientists and support staff stationed at the main US bases — McMurdo Station and the Scott-Amundsen South Pole Station – often face cabin fever, isolation, 24-hours of darkness, and unrelenting snow.

So how do they deal with all the pressures? Many of them turn to alcohol, and honestly, who wouldn’t under those conditions. But that can be a real problem.

According to a recent report, the Office of the Inspector General conducted a health and safety audit of US bases in 2014 and found that drinking has created “unpredictable behavior that has led to fights, indecent exposure, and employees arriving to work under the influence.”

Pop open a beer, put up your dukes, and let’s get down to it – Drunk scientists running amuck in Antarctica


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