Fear in America: What are you afraid of most?

Move over ghosts and ghouls! Corrupt government, cyber-attacks and corporate snooping top the list in this year’s Survey of American Fears

According to Chapman University’s second annual Survey of American Fears, Americans apparently aren’t as afraid of the bogeyman as they are of the “real monsters” roaming the halls of government, statehouses and elective offices across the land.

Corruption of government officials topped the survey’s list of the 10 things Americans fear most, according to a Chapman press statement. Close on the heels of the government are cyber-terrorism and corporate tracking of personal information. Those top three fears are connected in a kind of hand-wringing trifecta, said Christopher Bader, Ph.D., who led the team effort.

“The 2015 survey data shows us the top fears are heavily based in economic and ‘big brother’ type issues.” Bader said. “People often fear what they cannot control, and technology and the future of our economy are two aspects of life that Americans find very unpredictable at the moment.”

Don’t worry. The paranormal was not excluded. Read on to find out more – Fear in America: What are you afraid of most?


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