Crushing cuteness cannot be contained

Koko, kittens, and twin tortoises

I love Fridays. That’s when I try to save up the cute, fluffy stuff. And let me tell you…there was a lot of it to choose from this week, and I still haven’t found the time to get to it all.

Instead of posting them separately, I’m giving you today’s awww-rticles all in one cute, cuddly package.


I saw this and instantly knew I had to write about for my sister’s sake. She raises turtles and tortoises.

101615-Twin tortoises 1
Normally, an egg will only have room enough for one embryo, but sometimes nature will throw you a curveball. That’s what happened on the evening of October 11 when a handler at Garden State Tortoise noticed what he thought was a Western Hermann’s tortoise (T. h. hermanni) having an issue breaking out of its egg.

As you can imagine, Mother Nature needed a helping hand this time. Damn! They’re too adorbs for fucking words!

More images and video here.


You all know who Koko is, right? The gorilla who knows sign language and loves kittens? My best friend if I could be there. Well, it was her birthday recently and she had been asking for kittens as her present. And she got exactly that. What’s more, she got to take her pick of the litter.

101615-koko and kittens
More images and video here.

Seriously, the cuteness overload is giving me cavities!

If you want to see all my work, here’s that link. Yes, I’ve been super busy as you can see. You will also find me on Twitter, where I post just about everything I do.

Oh yeah, It’s Friday! Happy TGIF to all my lovely friends!

Love, Lola


6 thoughts on “Crushing cuteness cannot be contained

      1. They are! She also has a huge Sulcata tortoise. He’s not even near fully grown, but he sure does have personality for days. I try to take him a head of lettuce twice a month for a treat. He climbs on top and eats his way down somehow.

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