Granny poisoned me with ham! Absurd excuses for calling in sick

This one really gave me a good belly laugh.

Need to fake a sick day? Don’t use these excuses!

We all need a day off from work every now and again. That’s why most of us get vacation time. Well, most of us at least. Some of us are addicted to our work and don’t need vacation time. (That’s my story at least, and I’m sticking to it.)

Many workers aren’t above taking a sick day, however, despite having a clean bill of health. In fact, according to a new CareerBuilder survey of employers, 38 percent of employees over the past year have called in to work sick when they were actually feeling well.

“Of the employees who have called in sick when feeling well in the past year, 27 percent said they had a doctor’s appointment, the same proportion said they just didn’t feel like going, 26 percent said they needed to relax, 21 percent said they needed to catch up on sleep and 12 percent blamed bad weather,” according to a CareerBuilder statement detailing their survey.

While most people use the same, tried-and-true method of acting sick over the phone (hack hack I’m sick sniffle), some people really do go above and beyond when faking sick.

No need to call in sick to continue reading. It’ll be painless. I promise.


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