The Kitchen Counter Diet

You know the old saying…

I’m on the see-food diet. I see food…I eat it.

Well, turns out there may be some truth to that.

Brian Wansink of Cornell Food & Brand Lab (my favorite nutrition dude) was recently part of a study to see if what women had on their kitchen counters could be used to predict their weight.

Over 200 brave women allowed their kitchens to be photographed, and then the researchers got to work.

Here’s the quick and dirty explanation…

The women who had breakfast cereal sitting on their counters were found to weigh 20 pounds more than their neighbors who didn’t. And those with soft drinks sitting out weighed 24 to 26 pounds more. Additionally, those who had a fruit bowl weighed about 13 pounds less.

I’ll leave you with that to chew on. If you’re interested in more information, here’s that link.

Luckily I kind of already knew this. I keep ALL foods hidden in the pantry or fridge.

Love, Lola


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