Oh the humanity! LEGO shortage has people in panic mode

Every now and again I come across something that could either be a REAL problem, or a very clever marketing ploy.

It’s pretty hard to tell usually, so I just report on it like the dutiful little Lois Lane that I am.

Here’s a quick side note: Did you know that the character Lois Lane was created from many influences? Her physical appearance was originally based on Joanne Carter, a model hired by Superman co-creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and Siegel’s future wife. Jerry Siegel based Lois’s personality on the fictional reporter Torchy Blane — a gutsy, beautiful, and headline-hunting reporter, portrayed by Glenda Farrell in a series of 1930s films. Siegel took the character’s name from Lola Lane, who played Torchy Blane on one occasion. Lois was also influenced by the real life journalist Nellie Bly.

OK, back to LEGOs.

Now, aside from all the kids around the world who love their LEGOs, I know a lot of grown adults who are addicted. I won’t name names. I’m not like that.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Enter panic mode

News recently started circulating about a global LEGO shortage, and that had a lot of people running scared. News outlets were vague on the matter until recently.

I think they were grubbing for click bait mostly. Bad journalism! Bad!

It finally came to light that only certain European markets would take a hit, thanks to a surge in popularity and an 18% increase in sales during the first half of the year that The LEGO Group simply wasn’t expecting.

See? That smacks of marketing ploy to me since they released this information only recently along with another statement saying they would be expanding operations through 2022. SIGH

Anyway, if you’re interested in reading my full report, follow my lead.

Love, Lola


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