Dreary but cheery

It’s been raining since Friday. So far almost 8 inches of the wet stuff has fallen in my tiny corner of the world. But that’s only for Friday and Saturday. It kept raining all night, and it’s only now starting to let up. I’m sure we’ll reach the 8-inch or over mark once the final numbers come in tomorrow.

These rain totals are piddly compared to other areas around us. Corsicana, for instance, got over 20+ inches! Of course there were floods all around. Our Nolan Creek even rose past her banks again and one neighborhood very close to us was evacuated. All that’s gone now and everyone returned home safe and sound.

This kind of weather oddly makes my mind go all bipolar on me. One minute I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl, and the next I’m moping about like I just got a stern talking to. So weird, but nothing like bat shit crazy weird. LOL

I did manage to get some chores done and cook a fine meal of fried pork chops, beets, rice, gravy and salad. Pigged the fuck out I did.

Can’t wait to see the sun again.


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