Random things found in my yard

From time to time, I’ll be out walking the dog or checking the mail and something will catch my eye. Yesterday was no exception.

While it was raining cats and dogs, my dog still had to go do his business. He’s a tiny little freak who can’t stand his tummy or paws getting wet. So when it’s raining, we have to literally carry him out to the side of the house under a HUGE pinoak tree that mostly stays dry underneath. Mostly. Yesterday it was a sloppy mess, but less of a mess in the pouring rain.

So, I’m standing there waiting on him to do his business and look over at the back fence on that side. Something black and flat was laying in the grass up against the fence. I thought it was the concrete stepping stone I use to keep the gate on that side closed, so I went to go put it back where it belongs.

rest in pieces 1

Nope, wasn’t my stepping stone. Not in the least. It was a styrofoam Halloween decoration. Not real sure how it got there. If it had been windy, then I could have blamed the wind since the darn thing is so light. But nope. No wind to speak of during all this deluge.

Perhaps I should just go put it on the curb with a lost and found sign LOL. I’m not the type of person who decorates for holidays. It is kind of a twisted, cool little treasure though.

rest in pieces 2


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