The Great LEGO War of 2015

I recently penned an article about a potential LEGO shortage for European countries. Hey, it’s a HUGE deal for a lot of people so I was just passing on the warning like a good little reporter.

Since then, the article has gotten more play than any other article I’ve ever written. And the only negative press I’ve gotten from it is my choice of lead-in image (and that includes my business partner who immediately knew I was right once given all the evidence). I even blogged about it.

Exhibit A - Credit: The LEGO® Group
Exhibit A – Credit: The LEGO® Group

Turns out adult LEGO fanatics don’t know their asses from their elbows. They also don’t realize that The LEGO Group makes bricks for all ages.

I’m not bashing you adult fanatics. Well, not too much. I’m just saying that you need to do your homework before you go all bat shit crazy about the image NOT being LEGOs.

I was provided a statement by The LEGO Group, which included an image (which I believe are DUPLOs). I used that image, as well as others I hunted down myself.

DUPLOs are LEGOs. And the entire theme of my article (aside from a few joking remarks about adult fans, if only to include them in the story) was KIDS.

It’s so funny really. My most popular article is only popular because of trolls. I guess I should kind of thank them for the exposure.

I hope they step on their bricks.

Love, Lola


5 thoughts on “The Great LEGO War of 2015

  1. Too funny Lola…with four boys we had Legos out the wazoo…(still do, tucked away in a basement closet awaiting any future grandchildren)…I believe my second son became a Civil & Structural Engineer JUST because he loved Legos so much…. 🙂 🙂 It’s funny how fanatical some people are in regards to Legos…

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