Media layoffs are the new “in” thing to do apparently

Apparently traditional (and non-traditional) media is a perilous profession these days. I should know. Been there, done that. So this post makes my stomach lurch back up into my throat.

According to Newsweek’s Zach Schonfeld, “Media employment is always fickle, but the season has been particularly brutal. With major recent cuts at ESPN, The Boston Globe, Bloomberg and now National Geographic, a particularly huge population of journalists will find themselves jobless at the Thanksgiving table.”

Kudos to him for doing his best to bring a dose of levity to the whole situation.

The NatGeo thing has really hit me hard. I grew up with them. I’ve grown old with them. I’ve grown ever-smarter with them. I can’t remember a single time in my life that NatGeo wasn’t there.

Here’s a link to the memo sent out to staffers at NatGeo.

I will say this: At least they got advance notice. I was summarily dismissed, as were several other people that day, without a single word. Locked out. Deleted. Gone. As my friend April says, “Asshattery.”


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