Death always freaks me out

Not my own. I know it’s inevitable. I’m talking about the death of others. For some reason, when someone dies I always feel this tight jerk in my chest, even when I don’t know them.

Why is that? Why am I so nonchalant about the fact that I will die some day, but I get so emotional when others die?

Even news of death on television makes me more uneasy than I can put words to.

A man I’ve known online for only a few months died today. He had liver cancer. I met him through a mutual friend, and he had cancer when I met him. I knew this would happen. He knew this would happen. But he was as heavy metal rock your socks off as anyone I’ve ever known. Not someone I would have been friends with in real life probably. But I’m still shaken.

I am glad he’s out of pain now. I will try to remember him as the man he was…bitching to the end, flipping cancer off with both hands, and not ashamed of it one damn bit.

Rest in peace, Sir John. Blow their ears off with music wherever you’re at now.


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