Love to Paris


Posted yesterday about being freaked out by death. Not my own inevitable demise, but that of others. Watched a movie and went to bed early, not knowing the events that were unfolding at that very moment.

Woke up around 3am to start work and found my source sites flooded with reports about the terrible, awful tragedy in Paris perpetrated Friday night by heinous, evil terrorists. I tell you what. I wouldn’t mind their deaths. Not one tiny bit.

People were spending their Friday evening just like any of us would: watching a game, eating dinner, attending a concert. Just going about their business and pleasure as usual.

I hurt for them. I cry for them. I scream out in anger for them. I stand behind them.

Here’s a graphic I did for work to express our sorrow and show our solidarity. Today, we are all French. Feel free to grab and share.

Paris, the Eiffel Tower, black and white.


10 thoughts on “Love to Paris

  1. It is very heartbreaking to see what has happened and all for what? Senselessness.
    Some people will do just about anything and justify it in the name of religion.

    And that is a beautiful graphic. 🙂

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  2. Lola, I woke up very late and saw your post about being freaked out by death but I knew you hadn’t seen the news at the time of posting. I wondered how you would react when you realised your thoughts were synchronising. I think every bit of support we can offer is important. Some people say that it’s not their fight or that lighting candles doesn’t help. I don’t believe that. I think another tragedy, in the same city, in the same calendar year, has got to force us to see that we need to set higher goals for ourselves. If leadership fails to take us there, we have ourselves as a community to rely on.

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    1. I was thinking that my Friday post was a tad prophetic. I’ve been known to do that before, but only through my art, not my thoughts or words. I think this time it was mere coincidence, but it still saddens and infuriates me. Someone has to do something.

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      1. I hope the people that have the power to change it are up for the challenge. So far it’s been a crap shoot at best. If we don’t all come together against the common enemy, what’s to become of us?


    1. It’s so scary. I heard just now that they may have one of the asshats holed up in a building in Belgium. But that was a snippet on my local bumpkin backwoods news station. Waiting on the national network news before I’ll know for sure.

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      1. It is scary…and the problem is that they are radicalizing these kids from when they’re born so it’s not going to ‘go away’ – if one dies another one pops up – it’s an ‘ideal’ – how can we kill an ideal finally and completely? I don’t think it’s even possible 😦

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