A picture is worth a thousand words 001

mellieI remember this day. Hell, I remember this entire weekend. I remember everything, and that makes it fucking special.

Some memories fade quickly for me. I don’t know why. Entire decades are lost to me. Perhaps that’s because there was no good in them. Perhaps my brain has a sense of humor. Who knows. But there are moments…precious moments..that will never fade. And all it takes to bring them back is one small blurry photo.

See..this particular weekend included a shit ton of awesomeness…and some shenanigans.

My twin daughters walked the walk. Graduation. OMG. Seriously. My babies. It took a village to raise them, and I fucking love that village. They won’t admit it, but they love me too. Look what we did. How could they NOT. I made those, and I gave them their super powers.

Anyways…I lived in Houston. My babies were graduating from school 10 hours away in Amarillo. Yeah. I said a village. Let’s move on.

There we were…myself, The Man, and a certain musician friend of mine who didn’t have a gig that weekend. Think Bonnie, Clyde, and Janis Joplin. Summer, moon roof, great tunes, open road, snacks, and a seriously AWESOME reason to be going north. Yeah. We were having a great big slice of that.

This was back when I still had a thing for driving a car. So let’s just say that I plead the 5th.

So, we’re driving down the highways and the byways of Texas, tunes blaring, expert vocals from the rear compartment. Sounds great right? Shit. We wind up in Oklahoma.

Let me tell you. I’ve driven this route a million times. But that new left turn at the construction zone in Wichita Falls was confusing.

To be continued…..


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