Thursday Me…

thursday meYes, I know today is Friday. But being as busy as I am, it takes a while to formulate my words.

This week has been full of some awesome highs and some serious lows.

The highs? Awesome material to write about for work. I can’t even begin to cover everything here. You would have to check STEAM Register or my author page and Twitter account for that. So many topics, so little time. EDIT: Oh yeah…forgot to tell you…we reached 1200 fans on FB this week! Woohoo!

The lows? F&%KING agoraphobia.

I am working on my second installment of “A picture is worth a thousand words,” so stay tuned for that. Hopefully this weekend will see installment 2 complete. Just waiting on a few more memories to pop up. Trust me, I’ve channeled a funny Deliverance-style theme in the next installment.

I’m also working on a “doodle page” with all kinds of crazy things on it. I’ve been using it for stress relief because I had a major episode of agoraphobia after all the bad news. Panic Central!

I managed to make it out to the front yard for a few minutes this morning. The sun really did feel good on my skin. Sadly I think that’s the last time I’ll be doing that for about a week since we’re expecting some rain.

And the cold. Oh my the cold! Got my firewood ready. Bring it on, Old Man Winter!

I have so many photos to share as well, just not sure where to start. My vintage electricians stamp kit, my doodle page, my cats. Instead, for now since time is pressing on and I have to finish work, I’m sharing this single moment of happiness at finding my favorite hat. I think my head lost weight though. It appears the hat is now too big for my tiny noggin. Perhaps my geek has leaked too much and shrunken my head? 😉

Don’t worry, dear friends. I’m still here. Still writing. Still living. Still being me.

Love, Lola….PEACE!


2 thoughts on “Thursday Me…

    1. Yes. I don’t talk about it much. But I have a terrible fear of going outside or in public. It wasn’t always this way, but it’s terrible now. Good thing I have work that allows me to stay at home. Texas is definitely beautiful, and so sometimes The Man or my Dad will take me on a drive. But mostly I stay holed up with my cats. We’re safer in here. 😉


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