“Leaf Litter” In Progress

Working on another mask.

I had a thing for paper mache and masks earlier this year. I still do. This mask was started early in the year and left unfinished. I had gotten as far as the first layer, the words, but no further than that.

Sadly, work and planning my library gallery pieces got in the way, but I finally picked it back up and decided to go for an Autumn feel.

leaf litter 2 copy small

The new name (since it won’t be part of the “Branches” series) is “Leaf Litter.”

I had this tiny itty bitty tree waaaay back in the yard that has the most BEAUTIFUL gold and red leaves on it right now. Made several hikes since Saturday, and I’m sure more will be needed.

The only drawback so far, once again, is getting high from the Mod Podge. Damn, that shit is potent! :: googly eyes ::


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