A moment of patriotism, and a nudge for people to be more respectful

I posted this to my Facebook profile today. Thought it deserved a share, even though I keep politics out of it most of the time.

I don’t care who you are or what side you swing to, when you show a TOTAL lack of respect for your elected president, you show a lack of respect for the backbone of this country: her ideals and her principles.

Make your arguments, debate ad nauseam, but BE MINDFUL and do it with dignity and a solid foundation of knowledge to back up your thoughts. At least show a modicum of decorum and dignity when you bring your argument(s) to the table.

I once got a solid (and well-deserved) whoopin’ for saying something about President Jimmy Carter when I was wee one. A lesson that I learned quickly. A lesson that I have always remembered.

You’re all grown-ups and past an ass beating. Just please start being a bit more respectful.

I was just raised to be respectful I guess, something I think most people on my “friends” list have forgotten.

America, despite her man-made shortcomings, is the BEST country in the world to live in. The fact that respect is lost on almost everyone really irks me.

Of course there’s nothing I can do about it. I just wish others would think before they act because I feel like I’m really hanging around (digitally) with the wrong people.

NOTE: I swing neither way. I am not left. I am not right. I choose to believe in those who hold high ideals and have a solid plan to back it up. I am RIGHT about respect, however. My momma taught me well.


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