Swallowing Spiders – Urban legend or a complete load of bullsh*t?

Here’s an excerpt from a humorous blog I wrote yesterday. I love debunking. Even though this one is old news, I still got to have some fun with it.

I am both equally fascinated and repulsed by spiders. As long as they keep their distance, I’m good to go. You should already know that about me. I write about them enough. Still wondering how I got that gig, however.

There’s one thing that’s really bugging me though: the urban legend that you swallow spiders in your sleep.

Personally, I never woke up one morning wondering why my mouth tasted like arachnid.

And another thing: If spiders had a taste, what would it be I wonder. Chicken? A little umami action? Maybe a tad on the spicy side?

Poke the spider in his eye to continue reading the full piece.

Love, Lola


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