Happy Thoughts – January 31,2016

happy thoughtsIt’s been a rather bipolar weekend. On the one hand, I have a lot to be thankful for (roof over my head, etc etc). On the other hand, January SUCKED for the most part and The Man is on his “period” apparently. He’s been a total grump! No matter. I’ll look to the bright side, literally.

Yesterday was a rather lovely day. The weather was fan-friggin-tastic. There’s a joke we like to tell in Texas during the colder months: “I love winter, especially watching it from Texas.” This is usually backed up with an image of terrible snow and ice, followed by an image of bright sunshine and green grass. This is our way of being snarky. Sure, some parts of Texas get their fair share of snow and cold, and we get a few days of it in my tiny corner of Texas, but not anything too bad on average.

Yesterday was a prime example of Texas winter weather. 78 degrees, blue skies, slight breeze, chirping birds. The whole package really. The kind of weather where you don’t need air conditioning or a heater. Windows open. Fresh air.

Here are some images to make those in colder climes a bit jealous. And just to sweeten the deal a bit more, we’re having much of the same today. Sorry snow bunnies. It can’t be helped.


Lines, geometry, gas and a severed head


Nasca lines, Babylonian geometry, the nasty proboscis worm, writing tips from the pros, and a huge gas cloud.

These are the things that have filled my brain and kept my typing fingers busy so far today.

Well, that and some smelly glue and Styrofoam (new head has begun). Oh, and this graphic I threw together as well. By the way, Pixabay ROCKS! Public Domain is way cool. Here’s the image gallery I got it from. This guy is super awesome.

Seeing as it’s only noon here, I wonder what other hijinks I can find to get into.

One never knows.

Love, Lola


I’ve seen this dish prepared on two shows in a little over a week, and if you take out the shrimp, I WANT! Not a big seafood fan.

Think I’ll try it out with veggies and perhaps some diced turkey or chicken soon.

Have any of you made this before? And, if so, any expert tips?

Mathematics and the Art of the Conspiracy Theory

I didn’t write this article myself, but I did find it quite informative and interesting.

012816- conspiracy theories
Credit: NASA

Did man really walk on the moon? Is climate change a big hoax? Do vaccines cause autism?

These popular conspiracy theories might take up plenty of space on the internet, but a new study shows they and other alleged conspiracies are bogus because it’s too hard for thousands of people to keep something so horrible from the public for so long.

Basically it all comes down to one fact: the more people who are required to keep a secret, the less time it will remain a secret.

David Grimes, from Oxford University in the U.K., said he came up with an equation that tested the life of a conspiracy theory based on previous scandals that had been proven true. Grimes considered the number of conspirators involved, the amount of time that has passed and the intrinsic probability of a conspiracy failing.

He applied his equation to four famous conspiracy theories: the Moon landing was fake, climate change is a fraud, vaccines cause autism, and pharmaceutical companies have a cure for cancer but refuse to share it with the public. His equation determined that if the four conspiracies were real, facts supporting the claims would have been made public by now.

Mathematics, y’all! Click here to learn more and find out how long it would take for the secrets to spill.

Earth From Space – Barcelona

moonglint 1

Good morning, Earthlings! This beautiful image was shared overnight by NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who has now spent 304 days on board the International Space Station. On Twitter, Kelly said he has flown 4,864 orbits around the Earth. Talk about your frequent flyer miles! In the image you can see a great example of moonglint. The second image was shared by Twitter user Peter Caltner to show the geography.

moonglint 2

Adventures with The Head

Funny story from yesterday. I’ve been working my butt off trying to finish The Head so I can start on the next one. And let me tell you, working in three dimensions is tough when you’re trying to be detail oriented.

Well, the bitch decided she was having none of that yesterday and went flying across my studio as if she had been shot out of a cannon. Almost gave the beasties (and me) a heart attack.

See, I have to either hold her in one hand and paint with the other — which is quite funny to look at — or hold her clutched between my knees — also kinda funny. So, as I was working on some “eye-liner” and a few tiny highlights, BAM! Off she went, rolling around like I imagine a real severed head would. Finally landed all the way in the kitchen, which is like over 20 feet away.

Thank goodness these heads are made of Styrofoam. No harm, no foul. Hopefully I’ll be done with her by the end of the week. Hard coating and all. Next one will be in blue and green jewel tomes I think.


A Mother’s Pride and Joy

My daughters turn 26 tomorrow. I can’t believe it. Time flies when you have children. One day they’re preemies in the NICU and the next they’re off living their lives. Young, beautiful, genius, ethereal. I made these. I could never create anything more lovely than this. My living masterpieces.

childs 2