The loss of a loved one

It’s a sad day.

leo 002
My love has gone

We laid Leo to rest in a lovely spot this morning, out in the back amongst the clover and soft grass he loved so much. That spot also gets a few sunbeams every morning, something else he loved very much. I will also plant roses because those were his favorite flowers. I would often find him basking in the bushes, enjoying the aroma.

In the Spring, I will move his bench out there so I can sit and visit him. He loved that bench. It was left at the house we moved into years ago, and that is where we found him one morning. Seems the last tenants had just left him there. For that we were very fortunate.

R.I.P. Leo. You were the best cat I ever had the privilege of being owned by. I’m sorry you’re gone, but glad you’re no longer in pain. Too bad we didn’t have the pleasure of your company for the first 5 or 6 years of your life, but thank you for sharing the last of them with us.

Goodbye, my friend.


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