The loss of a loved one … again

This year is going to kill me, and it’s only January 15th.

punk 004It is with a heavy heart and through a waterfall of tears that I tell you this news. My Punk is gone. We made the decision to have her put to sleep yesterday after x-rays found a large mass in her stomach. The vet said it was either something she ate that she wasn’t supposed to, or more likely a cancerous tumor. Exploratory surgery would have cost over $1000, and even with that she had very little chance of survival based on her age and the size of the mass.

Punk, my dear sweet friend. I will miss you the most I think. Your punches in the face at 3am in the morning. Your begging for milk every time I get near the kitchen. Your foot-warming abilities were always divine. And I will miss those “special” gifts you always brought me…even though I always acted like they were disgusting.

I miss you and it hurts to live without you.

We buried her in the back yard beside Leo. My two alphas are now together once more. I hope at least I can find some comfort in that. Perhaps you really died of a broken heart. Goodbye, my darling.


7 thoughts on “The loss of a loved one … again

    1. Thanks. It’s a tough nut to swallow for sure. In the meantime, the other furries are walking around confused because there is no alpha to sneak a sucker punch in. I suppose the new pecking order will be figured out soon enough.

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