The Head

It’s been a truly shitty year so far.

Fuck you 2016. Like…fuck you without lube.


I’ve got plans. And this is only the beginning. Let’s call this the undercoat phase.

HEAD 011616


12 thoughts on “The Head

      1. if I gave you a list of what I’ve lost – you’d likely be swinging from the rafters when i got done. Still I come from a age of grace but now live in a graceless age.In my world, artists make beauty and that’s the way I keep it. Cats can be replaced – your dignity and reputation not so easily. Be kind to yourself – this world will fuck you over – nothing you can do about that…


  1. well blue used to be my fav. color but then I switched to purple. It is the highest color of the spectrum before ultra-violet. did you dye your hair purple?


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