I’ve seen this dish prepared on two shows in a little over a week, and if you take out the shrimp, I WANT! Not a big seafood fan.

Think I’ll try it out with veggies and perhaps some diced turkey or chicken soon.

Have any of you made this before? And, if so, any expert tips?


4 thoughts on “Kakiage

  1. I can’t have this because of the flour content, but the trick is to make a very creamy batter. It works with shrimp and vegetables because the meat doesn’t fall apart when it cooks. The diced turkey is going to take a lot of time to cook so I recommend precooked turkey and not in small portions. The batter has to hold everything in. Also, you need to use a massive amount of hot oil to make this, as you’ve seen from the videos. If you want, you can do the turkey and chicken separately with the batter and your favourite vegetables on skewers for the same taste sensation. Also, it tastes great when it is just cooked. I do not recommend leaving it to sit for too long as it is going to get soggy. xo

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      1. If you use a fryer, they’re deep pots, actually and you can just put the skewers point down in the thing, since the oil would cover them. This type of meal is usually eaten a restaurant, because of the amount of oil needed. At one very nice spot, the fryer is embedded in the table so the top of the fryer is flush with the table top. You simply immerse your battered treats and wait until the coating gets golden brown. No oil splashing and the fryer is boxed in so it’s safe. Needless to say, if you try this at home, please be careful.

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      2. LOL yeah. I fry at least once a week. Kind of addicted to it at this point. I don’t use a deep fryer, I use a very deep saute pan. Should be interesting, but it’s worth a try I think. Who knows, maybe I’ll invent something new by tweaking it up a bit.


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