Happy Thoughts – January 31,2016

happy thoughtsIt’s been a rather bipolar weekend. On the one hand, I have a lot to be thankful for (roof over my head, etc etc). On the other hand, January SUCKED for the most part and The Man is on his “period” apparently. He’s been a total grump! No matter. I’ll look to the bright side, literally.

Yesterday was a rather lovely day. The weather was fan-friggin-tastic. There’s a joke we like to tell in Texas during the colder months: “I love winter, especially watching it from Texas.” This is usually backed up with an image of terrible snow and ice, followed by an image of bright sunshine and green grass. This is our way of being snarky. Sure, some parts of Texas get their fair share of snow and cold, and we get a few days of it in my tiny corner of Texas, but not anything too bad on average.

Yesterday was a prime example of Texas winter weather. 78 degrees, blue skies, slight breeze, chirping birds. The whole package really. The kind of weather where you don’t need air conditioning or a heater. Windows open. Fresh air.

Here are some images to make those in colder climes a bit jealous. And just to sweeten the deal a bit more, we’re having much of the same today. Sorry snow bunnies. It can’t be helped.


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