My hands smell of curry…

risotto first try 002
The spice of life. Pixabay/Public Domain

My hands smell of curry. I guess that’s because I just put a mustard/curry rub on my breasts.

My chicken breasts that is, you cheeky monkey.

Seriously! Is there anything better than the smell of spice on your hands? No…I think not.

So, as you can see, we’re having something that I just threw together on a lark. Being broke will do that to you. But sometimes you can weave the most magical of spells when your ingredients are sparse and you have only your curiosity and cunning to rely on.

risotto first try 001I also have some organic, non-GMO, gluten free carnaroli from Lotus Foods, AND I’ve seen a few cooking shows lately that had some great advice on making risotto. No, I’m not advertising! A friend gifted me with a bunch of their rice to try out. I love her.

I don’t like their instructions, however. Boil in some friggin’ water?! I would rather boil my big toe and serve it on stale bread. Shit. I can’t even boil an egg to save my life, but I can rock your world on just about everything else.

Bitches, I’m making some risotto! From scratch!

It’s been so long since I’ve had it, I don’t even remember the texture or taste. But here I am, about to embark on a quest for perfection.

Don’t jump down my throat or anything if you know better, but here’s my thought process from what I’ve seen and read so far:

1. Toast the grains of rice in butter and olive oil.

2. Add in onions and garlic to sweat. Mmmmm my favorite.

3. Listen for the crackle and then add in wine or champagne (beer in this case because that’s how I roll).

4. Add in hot chicken broth…a little at a time.

5. Keep stirring until your arm falls off.

What could possibly go wrong? All I know is I’ve been stuck in a food rut. The same 5 dishes every damn week this year. Time to freak my mouth out.

I think the real dilemma here is which Netflix movie to watch during the cooking process.


15 thoughts on “My hands smell of curry…

  1. Ahh… Great post and last question. I curry to a soundtrack. It’s good to have the right energy to go with the presentation. My spice rack always needs replenishing as the taste sensations I like to cook up require a bit of most things. And yes, I agree that you should freak your mouth out. Good luck.

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      1. I want to hear all about it. I used to do the soundtrack for a friend. When I shared my recipes, instead of writing down the cooking time, I added the song and the number of repeat plays. My soundtrack depends on the mood, but Enigma’s the Screen Behind the Mirror is great for an intense session of cooking. Anything Vanessa Mae is great for a short session when it’s all in one pot and you wait for it to simmer. For baked chicken, it’s Rob Base, “I wanna rock right now.” Especially for rubbing curry on your breasts. Chicken breasts.

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