How to Make Next Level Nacho Cheese (Molecular Gastronomy)

I’ve never gone for this particular food movement. And I typically stick with the highly-processed Velveeta cheese, a can of Rotel tomatoes with chilies, and my trusty tiny crock pot when I make nacho cheese dip. But perhaps I may have to try it out some day.

According to this video, here’s what you do:

1. Put a pot on the stove at medium heat.

2. Add one cup of your favorite beer.

3. Add two teaspoons of sodium citrate and stir until dissolved. You can get this online through Amazon. They even have non-GMO and gluten-free varieties. I checked on reddit and most people prefer the WillPowder brand. :: shrug ::

4. Bring beer to a simmer and slowly add your favorite cheese, preferably a cheddar, and whisk it in there until you’ve got yourself a smooth, creamy cheese sauce (mix your cheese and get clever).

5. Take it to the next level with your own special ingredient(s). Hot sauce? Peppers? Onions? Whatever floats your boat.

6. Pour over your nachos, or hey, it works great as a solo dip as well.

Have any of you tried this sodium citrate stuff before?


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