The Era of Cultured Meat is Upon Us

Remember that lab-grown hamburger patty from 2013? Well, a company called Memphis Meats has just announced that they’re doing something similar.

020416-lab-grown meatball 1
Credit: Memphis Meats

Today they announced their first meatball. Yes, a lowly, little meatball. But this one is not your ordinary round hunk of ground-up cow flesh. The “meat” for this one was literally grown in a lab from cultured cow cells.

If you look at the video here, you’ll see that the meatball acts, cooks, looks and ALMOST tastes like the real thing. I added the “almost” in there because obviously the chick tasting it was either a paid model or a company employee.

020416-lab-grown meatball 2
Credit: Memphis Meats

The company’s first products will be hot dogs, sausages, burgers, and meatballs, and the founders expect to have products to market in less than five years.

Look, I know we need to figure out easier, more environmentally-friendly ways to feed the planet. But can’t we figure something else out? When you think about it, isn’t this nothing more than the next level of processed food?

Of course, if real fresh meat will cost me 10 times more than a cultured hunk of goo in the future, then I suppose I will have no choice. But still. Eeeew!

Read on to find out more.


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