Lazy Weekends and Surprise Guests

My kids came into town for a quick visit this weekend. The boys spent their Saturday playing with their 4-wheeler and running around town, while the girls and I stayed indoors and dabbled in creativity and kitchen juice.


We wound up photographing the first head piece I recently finished so I could get some nice photos for Pinterest and such places.


This was followed by a quick debate on the floor over another head. (I don’t know what it is about that little heater, but everyone congregates around it, even when it’s not that cold.)


Each got their own side of the new head and I am now in charge of bringing it all together in for a final piece.

Melodie also did some digital artwork from The Head and came up with two really awesome pieces.


I also did some work on my newest Daily piece. And just like the last piece, I’m taking it one day at a time….hence the name. 😉

While taking turns on the new Head, the girls helped me whip together a wonderful mostly vegetarian meal for the menfolks. Sauteed spinach with garlic, a nice rice medley (Carnaroli for soft and Bhutan red for bite) with onions and garlic. Then I threw together some carne asada tacos for the meat lovers. Basically, some of us had spinach and rice tacos while the others had a little bit of everything. Then we wrapped that up with a few hours visiting and laughing and joking in the living room.

Everyone tucked me in around 9pm. Literally…I had a bed full of babies and beasties.

They go back home today. I’m a sad mommy, but it was wonderful getting to spend the day with them.


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