Pop Quiz: Which US president is on the $10 bill?

hamiltonIf you answered Alexander Hamilton, you’re not alone. But you’re also wrong. Hamilton was never president, but he does appear on the $10 bill.

Yes…I know…trick question.

This was one of the questions recently posed to undergraduate college students, and it turns out that most Americans are confident Alexander Hamilton was once a president of the United States.

The questions were part of a study carried out by researchers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. The purpose of the study was not to see if people could name the presidents. Instead, it was for an emerging line of research focusing on how people remember history — a field called collective memory or historical memory.

The take-away for me was the fact that it may be time for all of us to brush up on our history, since 2016 is an election year. You can find full details on this study here.

And as a sidebar comment, several stock photos I found referred to him as President Hamilton.



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