Studio Time

heads round two 001As you all have probably noticed, I’ve been extremely busy lately. Not only am I working my butt off writing articles and trying to keep STEAM Register alive, I’ve also been working on two hat heads simultaneously.

The yellow and orange one is almost done on the painting end of things, except for the eyeballs. Can’t decide on lifelike or anime. After I figure all that out, then it’s time for her jeweled crown (aka collage). Her red ponytail continues all the way to the back and down her neck, and the crown will cover portions of that.

The purple and blue one is in the early stages still. The colors will be more vibrant, varied and sparkly on this one. It’s the head my daughters started when they were here recently. Like the other, I’m not sure on the eyes yet either. If you could see the back of the head, you would see that each side of the “helmet” wraps all the way around, eventually winding up together. Totally haven’t worked on shading or highlights, and the purple is merely a backdrop for a maroon I want to try out. And the skin will be more green and metallic by the time I’m through….I think.

Despite all the work that’s in front of me, I’m really pleased so far. Or that could be the glue fumes talking. 😉

Hope you like it! Love, Lola


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