Stuart Shoes?

So, like, Zazzle has shoes now. And they’re, like, REALLY COOL. You can never go wrong with sneakers, especially sneakers with zippers.

you bet

So, some of my newer followers may not be familiar with Stuart. He’s one of my paintings that spent far too long away from his mommy (me) at a library. But it was for a good cause. He was one of 5 pieces of mine that were displayed in the children’s wing of a local library during the summer reading program.

The two Branches pieces (1 and 2) and Morrison stayed behind, but Bean (originally Being) and Stuart had to come home. I couldn’t stand it a minute longer.

Yes. I know. To be a successful artist, you have to sell them and let them go. But you see, I have a problem letting go. The “apron strings” are strong with me. It hurts too much to let my “children” go.

I’ll get over it eventually. Well, perhaps.

In the meantime, I can send out digital clones. Right?

I have an obscure Zazzle store I’ve been playing with for the site I volunteer for. Therefore, I get an opportunity to play with designs and stuff. I wonder if these would sell. They’re pricey, but way cheaper than a steak dinner for two at a nice restaurant.


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